Interior Design Tips

Interior design is a very personal art where one person’s ideal room may be another person’s nightmare. Nevertheless, there are certain guidelines and tips that will help you to achieve the look and feel you are seeking with your interior design.

The main elements of interior design are:

Texture and pattern


Colour can be used to achieve a mood or a sense of size. Light, soft colours such as beige, off-white or cream, pale grey and cool pastels (blues, greens, mauve) make a room appear more spacious. Dark and strong colours make your room appear smaller, more cosy and more intimate.


Lighting works hand in hand to enhance the effects of colour, so using soft, even lighting that brightens up any corners and dispels shadows maintains a sense of spaciousness. Ceiling lights make your ceiling seem lower and intense localised lights reduce the sense of space.


Furnishing also works with colour and lighting. Because they are large items, your curtains, carpets, sofas and chairs have an impact on the style and feel of your room. To maintain the affect of spaciousness, choose light colours that harmonize with your chosen wall and ceiling colours.

Textures and pattern

Texture and pattern also contribute. Plain or simple textures and patterns create a clean, modern look and contribute to a room’s spaciousness. Complex, bold textures and patterns draw the eye and make your room look smaller and cosier.

For the best of both worlds i.e. for a spacious open feel, yet with interest and detail, highlight your light and modern room with small incidental colourful items such as heavily textured, bright or interesting cushions, pictures or plants.

You will find that most reputable interior designers or home improvement suppliers will offer helpful advice on your choice of products.

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