The Stylish French – Images and Inspiration from Château d’Oléron

The Stylish French - Images and Inspiration from Château d'OléronOn these grey, miserable winters days I thought I’d share some images of a visit back in September to Château d’Oléron, Charente Maritime off the Atlantic Coast in South West France.

This area is famed for its Oysters (Ile d’Oléron produces 35,000 tonnes of Oysters a year) quiet beaches, great cycle network, lovely sea food restaurants, stylish shops and cafes.

There are also lovely little arts and crafts shops, art and sculpture galleries. It’s a great place to pick up some items for your home.

Typically French Style

We stayed at a chic boutique hotel Les Jardins d’Aliénor. The service was exemplary and I loved the French style and decor.  Hope it inspires you with some ideas for your own home. Sweatpea & Willow and Crown French sell some similar French Style furniture and beds.

french style bedroom
french style bedroom suite

french style reception room

chateau d'oleron restaurant

chateau d'oleron garden

chateau d'oleron terrace

chateau d'oleron menu
Fish on the menu

chateau d'oleron dessert menu
Wonderful Desserts

chateau d'oleron desserts

french style citroen 2cv
A converted 2CV. Note the wicker sun shades and the upholstered seats. Love the colours

french craft shops
Some quaint craft shops

french style fishing huts
Painted Fishing huts

french style fishing hut

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