Designer rugs- the perfect finishing touch for an interior revamp

If ever there was a time to embrace the adage ‘out with the old and in with the new’, then spring is definitely it…and what better place to start on this quest than with our home interiors? From the tired looking dresser in our spare room to the faded sofa covers that have turned from a vibrant red to a barely there pink, no stone should be left unturned in our bid to give our home a thoroughly revamped look.

And while the thought of donning a pair of overhauls and picking out paint samples may fill some of us with dread there are a few simpler ways that we can turn our home into space worthy of an A-list following, such as a carefully chosen rug.

Here are just a few ways a designer rug can help give that elusive ‘je ne sais quoi’ to our new design scheme.

Create a focal point

Each room can benefit from focal point that helps draw the eye into the centre of the room, and helps tie individual elements of design together. If you have laminate or wooden flooring in your living room, then a large, stylish rug can help to break up the expanse of flooring, while offsetting the colour scheme in your soft furnishings perfectly.

If you are a fan of the neutral look why not opt for beige rugs which look striking against a wood with a dark stain? For more opulent look why not try a rug with more intricate detailing such as a Persian rug.

Go designer

 For a look that will be the envy of friends and family why not try a rug, such as the designer rugs from Carpetright? If you want to emulate the look of a New York loft apartment then the solid colour blocks of red beige and grey on the Manhattan Red Block Rug could be just the ticket.

If your decor scheme is light and fresh and you want the feeling of summer year-round the Hawaii Green Border Rug with its striking lime green edging will act as a ray of sunshine in your home.

Get cosy

Whether you’re watching TV, playing with the kids or simply taking a break from the sofa, finding a soft, shag pile rug will ensure you stay comfortable and cosy wherever you are in your home. If you have a busy household then you may want to opt for a shag pile rug in darker tones which will be more forgiving should you suffer any mishaps, such as the odd split glass of red wine.

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