Chic and affordable ways to remodel your living space

If your home is in need of a facelift, but you can’t afford a complete overhaul, here are some simple cost effective ways to remodel your living space without spending a fortune.

1) Replace the covers on your light switches and electrical sockets with stainless steel ones or even patterned and decorative covers for an instant fresh look.

2) Change your doorknobs, handles and hinges. These are inexpensive finishing touches that make a huge difference, and the installation is quick and easy.

3) Change your light and lamp shades. It’s a small detail that will make a huge difference.

4) Put up new blinds or curtains in the windows. Two-inch wooden blinds are more aesthetically pleasing than most one-inch vinyl blinds.

5) Invest in a wall mounted fires. These are not that expensive and make a stylish focal point to any room. Most models come with handy remote controls too, allowing you to alter the temperature of a room with ease.

6) Rearrange your furniture. You don’t necessarily need new pieces of furniture – simply creating new shapes, and reorganising the flow of a living space, can transform your living space.

7) Cover your furniture with a throw or piece of fabric, to add a new colour and pattern.

8) Repaint your walls or alternatively, paint your ceiling a new, fresh colour. Some people are experimenting with soft neutral colours on the walls and a bold colour on the ceiling, e.g. white walls with a bright yellow ceiling, or beige walls with an eggplant/purple ceiling.

9) Hang new photos or pieces of art on the walls. For an even more frugal alternative simply change the frames of your existing photos and art.

10) Hang more mirrors, even in places that are above eye-level (like over a fireplace). This increases the light that shines through the house. If you can hang two mirrors in the same room, put them on opposite walls; this will give the impression of a much larger room.

11) Change your bathroom rug and shower curtain to create an inexpensive new look.

12) Buy some new cushion and pillow covers, or make your own out of old pieces of clothing or fabric.

13) Get some small decorative items like mini-lanterns, arty coasters and a new coffee table book. These are the “finishing details” that give a space a more modern feel.

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