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Ikea 365 range of kitchen knives

I was looking for a new set of kitchen knives recently and was prepared to spend no small sum on “the best” and so credit card in hand, I popped down to my local kitchen shop…

only to get more confused than I was before as the chap behind the counter waxed lyrical about the benefits of various brands – Victorinox, KIA, Wüsthof’ and more, some of which were £60 or £70 each but I couldn’t decide.

Now wholly confused, but still lacking something sharp to finely dice my veg into brunoise I remembered that a friend of mine is a chef and decided to ask his advice (though he wasn’t impressed that I’d initially gone it alone) and was more than somewhat surprised to hear him tell me to go to IKEA!

Yes, you got that right… that well-known Swedish supplier of all things flat packed. But they have the most incredible range of just about anything you need for your home (no, truly, I’ve not been paid to write this) and I am delighted to share with you that their 365 range is well balanced, can be kept honed so sharp you could shave with it and better still… prices range from about £4 – £10.

Truly, they feel like the best knifes I’ve ever used, the handle is non-slip and comfortable and I still have most of my original budget to go on… well, a handbag probably.

Till next time…


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