Obesessing over Low Tack Masking Tape with Paper Masker

Masking tape with paper maskerA long, long time ago, on a planet far, far away, my husband used to paint Alien space craft… Well ok, I’m getting a bit carried away here (you may have guessed).

In truth we’re talking about a lock up garage workshop under the railway arches in Digbeth Birmingham, where (he tells me) he used to paint cars! Well you can’t blame me for trying to glamorise that really can you?

Anyway to continue; point is that during preparation he recalled using a large roll of masking tape, which was located on a dispenser,  that in turn held a large roll of brown paper. The two were pulled off the roll simultaneously and located in the right position on the car to mask the area not to be painted.

The fact that the two were on the same dispenser ensured that the masking tape was correctly placed (or stuck) to the brown paper and was much easier and less time consuming to prepare the car for painting.

We (yes I’m getting to the point) are currently painting an apartment in Portugal and whilst paint is very expensive out here, my other half was surprised and delighted to find a similar product for home decorating in the local DIY store.

In use it’s just fantastic. It’s also easy to apply as the sticky tape part is quite thin and lightweight, but the brown paper covers much more than a simple roll of masking tape would. Furthermore, the adhesive is not too sticky and we have successfully used and removed it from quite delicate surfaces. It is great to use for cutting in on corners, trims, coving and skirting boards and really does help achieve a professional finish.

We would love to be able to use this in the UK and  have looked to find stockists but all I could find was this product from Decorating Direct   Please let us know should you know of any other stockists

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