Style Your Home from the Floor Upwards

When thinking about the look, feel and style of your home it can be all too easy to concentrate on the furnishings, the walls and the paintwork. Get the floor right first, however, and you’ll find you’ve created a backdrop against which to work and a foundation upon which to build. Choosing an option like solid wood flooring will open up a whole world of aesthetic and decorative possibilities which will allow you to utterly transform the feel of your home.

Throw away the carpet but keep a piece for as a rug!

The days when a fitted carpet was looked upon as being virtually the only option when it came to the flooring of the average home are now long gone. There is a world of possibility out there, from naturally sanded floorboards to laminate surfaces via vinyl and real wood floors, and this plethora of choices means that it’s possible to select something for your own home which is both practical and appealing.

Wood FlooringWhen buying quality solid wood flooring products you need to find an experienced supplier that knows what they are talking about and can relate to a first time or repeat buyer.

This is the key point when it comes to making flooring choices – you can easily combine something which looks and feels just right with something which is going to be able to handle the wear and tear of family life. If you’ve got kids, a dog and two cats then the thought of a cream woollen rug might make your heart sing but the reality will be a worn, greying rag before you can say ‘I wish I’d stuck to wooden flooring’. By making the right choice, however, you’ll be able to select something which you love the look of, but which is also easy to clean and can take the knocks, scratches bangs and scrapes of everyday life.

Why choose wood flooring?

Kitchen wiht wood flooringUltimately, the choice of flooring will be a matter of something as indefinable as personal taste: one person’s revolutionary use of vinyl is another ‘Yes it’s clean, but it looks like an operating theater after all. There are, however, a few simple principles which it would be helpful to bear in mind when starting the process of making your choice. Always remember that this is something you’re going to be living with for a long time to come. Unlike wallpaper, paintwork and fabrics, something like solid wood flooring has properties to last a lifetime, so it’s important that you choose a type of wood and finish that will stand the test of time, in terms of both its initial look and its ability to deal with changing fashions and styles.

The point about wood is that it’s natural, warm and timeless – it may never be wildly fashionable in a ‘flavour of the month’ manner,  but it will never date either, and will look as good after decades of use as it does the day you finish having it laid.

Laying the right floor down can instantly lift a room by creating a feel of luxury, class, permanence and elegance. Everything else you place in the room will benefit from the presence of an effective backdrop, in the way that the right frame lifts the content of the picture it surrounds. Think of solid wood flooring as being the frame that sets off your room to perfection, and the same applies to the right laminate or engineered wood.

When you’re creating a look and feel for your home the best advice is to build from the floor up. Just as the best building requires a strong foundation, so the most effective aesthetic is one which starts at the ground. Everything takes shape after.  So get started look for a floor that you like!


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