The Cleanest & Cheapest Way to Heat your Home

With energy prices high, more and more people are looking for cheap ways to heat their home in the winter. With global temperatures on the rise and increasing environmental awareness, many households are also looking for cleaner, more environmentally friendly solutions. This creates a difficult balancing act, and it can be hard to know which method to choose.

Standard boilers

If you are just looking into a new boiler, of the kind used in most home heating systems as standard, I would definitely recommend choosing a gas boiler over an electric one. We tend to think of electricity as being cleaner than fossil fuels, but this is not always the case. Electric boilers are considerably more expensive to run and produce significantly greater CO2 emissions than gas boilers. This is because most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas. It is cheaper and more efficient to burn a fossil fuel directly in your boiler rather than have it converted to electricity.

Oil-fired boilers

From a cost point of view, oil-fired boilers can be cheaper than standard boilers that use natural gas. However, oil prices can fluctuate significantly so this is not always the case. Neither is there any guarantee about how prices will behave in the future, so gas could eventually turn into a consistently more expensive option. From an environmental point of view, oil boilers tend to have a bigger carbon footprint per unit of heat than gas boilers, but still cleaner than electricity. For each unit of heat, they produce about 1.5 times as much carbon as gas but only half that of an electric boiler.

Fires and stoves

Fires and stoves come in several varieties. Traditional, open fires burn fuels such as wood or coal, while stoves do the same but are enclosed rather than wide open. More recently, electric and gas fires have been introduced to provide an easier alternative while still retaining the look of an open fireplace. These follow the same principles as boilers, in that gas is cheaper and cleaner than electricity.

Wood fires and stoves, which can be found at The Stove Site, offer the best combination of cleanliness and low costs per unit of heat. Gathered or sustainably sourced wood is environmentally friendly as well as very cost effective. Stoves are advisable rather than open fires. Enclosed burning is more efficient and effective (and therefore cheaper) than burning on an open fire.

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