For Nesting Or Investing?

For what it’s worth, perhaps a little abstract, but sitting comfortably in my lovely home in Portugal (which let me not omit I am blessed to own) it strikes me that the rather mesh-mash array of furniture and objet d’art I have, goes against my normal structured careful approach to interior design and I was pondering how it all came about, where have I gone wrong?

I have sideboards and consoles that are awash with pictures and frames of different sizes, style and colours and those photos seem to adorn other cluttered horizontal areas too, such as the top of cupboards. Lamps that don’t quite match, nestled behind these pictures, and on top, piles of books.

Importantly though, whilst when I look at it all critically it’s an interior design failure (ok, disaster) however I’m very comfortable here and comfortable with the apartments style and furniture – so what’s different?

Well in answer to that, when deciding upon decoration or style and purpose I have so often thought first of the time I try and sell . Silly I know, but I guess it’s habit. I work (or have worked) on many projects where the main consideration is the future sale of a property.

And if you’re selling or planning on doing so in the not too distant future, the rules for design have a different focus. I’m happy in my cluttered over personalized Portuguese home. If I were selling, though I would de-clutter, remove personal items and too many family photographs, stick to neutral colours often magnolia in England ( boring I know but it doesn’t offend anyone and provides a blank canvas ), pale blues , turquoise and whites in warm climates and both with the odd wonderful contrast in artwork and accessories. Shameless plug-I have included a picture of our holiday home in Florida which we rent when not in use. I’ve used blues, greys and turquoise here and hope it works. Here is a link to our rental site should you wish to visit.

Portugal Holiday Home Pre Full Clutter & Personal Items

Our Holiday Home in Florida


But this is different and I know why. You’ll have to fight through the clutter and find a clear coffee table for your drink. If a picture catches your eye you’ll probably have to walk over to it to get a clear view, but this is home, it is entirely personal and that’s the difference and we love it!

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