Using White in Your Home

Of course its well known that using white will tend to make a space look bigger, but you might like to try several warmer, creamy shades to create a more sophisticated and one that is less clinical perhaps. You can accent with tile, brick or stone to create a softer more comfortable, perhaps “casual” feel.

With a wonderful Georgian or Victorian house  you might like to emphasise the original trim with an antique or off white, though with modern homes one can create spectacular effects with dramatic contrasts in bold reds, blues or greens, but try not to use to much of them as the room will begin to loose the overall effect of light with a dash of accent.

As to the outside of the house, white seems somehow to advance towards the eye, thus painting a house white will make it look closer to the road. In the same way, a bright smooth gloss attracts attention hence bold colours work really well for the front door – its like a welcome sign!

When thinking about the outside though, give thought to the colours you already have, like the colour of the brick, roof or any stone you might have. Cooler whites will look better with slate, whilst a warmer white will look better with a clay roof tile.

So… a few thoughts for you and we hope they help. Even if its to confirm that you don’t want white!!!

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