Clearing your home of negative energy with Feng Shui

I know this sounds far fetched and you may pooh-pooh the idea but keep an open mind.

Some years ago my son was experiencing let us say… “negative energies” in his room in our new house. It was an old cottage about 250 years old at the time and whilst he said he didn’t feel threatened (he was 20yrs old or so) he was clearly giving it a deal of thought and I explained just that to a lady in a shop in London, who sold crystals, scents, joss sticks and more.

Now you might not believe in any of this (and I have my doubts), but the lady explained to me that spirits didn’t like sage – yes you read that right, the herb sage. She went on to explain that I should burn dried sage, moving it in a figure of eight and do so in each corner of the room – the instructions went on, but in essence, when my son came home that evening he looked surprised saying the room felt warmer and more comfortable even though I had not mentioned anything. Now as I say, you don’t have to believe any of this, but I do I have to say and it made me think about Feng Shui. If that sage could have a positive effect, that would explain why so many believe in Feng Shui, so here are a few basic rules

One important rule with Feng Shui, is to what is referred to as a “space clearing” annually and particularly after an negative event such as a divorce for example or when moving into a new home which may have lingering negative energies

I have to emphasize that I’m simplifying the process here, but the principle is important and perhaps as you progress you will feel the power of Feng Shui              and get into it, wanting to learn more.

Firstly, plan the day that you’ll start your Feng Shui. A day that you won’t be rushed or under pressure to collect the kids from school. Importantly  the space cleaning should be done between the hours of 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Your own preparation is important too, so ensure you are relaxed and in a good frame of mind. Meditation prior to Feng Shui cleaning or a yoga session is important, although a walk in the fresh air might do it for you. Also ensure you take a shower and don clean cloths.

Decide on a “alter” for all your preparation materials. This might be a dining table or sideboard, which you could make into an inspiring energy centre. Here you would place candles, incense and flowers as well as water (the water element) in a small bowl. Metal bells for space clearing and the Earth element represented by crystal and a clump of sage which you will light and then let smolder. True, true, its all going to sound complex, but if you’re focused you’ll feel your way, so just have a go and see how you feel about it. Equally, your alter should feel like a wonderful inspiring place to be.

Turn on some lovely calming music, open a window in each room (for the negative energy to flow out) and if you like walk though the house and each room with incense sticks and try and recognize and make contact with the energy in each.

A few more rules I’m afraid, but try not to do the cleansing too  quickly or indeed too slowly, take your time and feel the energy changing as you take one room at a time and go to each corner, moving clockwise as you walk in the door. Now clap loudly into each corner, moving from a low level to as high as you can reach. Try and feel the resonance of each clap, they should get warmer as you progress and when they do move on to the next corner. Next you can ring bells in each corner, starting with the lover toned bell, again as the energy gets purer so will the sound sweeter. Lastly light and blow out the dried sage, letting it smolder and wafting the smoke into each corner, moving it in a figure of eight, with the top of the “eight” going clockwise, whilst you say positive, lovely things such as Peace and Love. Repeat this process through all the rooms of the house and if you are serious and comfortable to get into Feng Shui, you will soon feel the difference.

Now fundamentally, that’s the clearing done and you should feel good about it. Learn more about other Feng Shui elements such as colour and positioning of your furniture to which end you might to look at

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