Changes to make your home more saleable

In today’s housing market, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your home if you’re thinking of selling
There are many cost effective and relatively simple improvements that will make your home more attractive to a potential buyer, and indeed more comfortable for you and your family should you decide not to sell.

Repainting with neutral, light colours and a thorough de-clutter does wonders and really helps to create the right first impression. Moving large furniture and personal possessions into storage will not only make rooms look bigger but will also help a potential buyer to imagine the room with their own possessions in it.

Think through your soft furnishings. Are your curtains overpowering and fussy. It’s easy to buy  and fit some simple  and stylish ready made roman blinds. Less is more and if you have too many cushions remove some. If the room looks too bland then add a dash of colour with a simple rug.

Get that all important kerb appeal. Ensure your windows are sparkling, clear the weeds, sweep the front garden, paint your windows and front door if need be and you could add some new stylish front door fittings . Although costly, if your windows are in a state it may still be worthwhile installing new double glazed windows. It will make your home more saleable and if you decide not to sell will reduce heating bills.

They say kitchens and bathrooms sell a home. Remodeling these  may also be worth a consideration. If you  have a coloured bathroom suite it may not be too expensive to change these to a simple white suite from a DIY store as long as you do not  move the situation of your bathroom furniture. Sometimes  painting your kitchen cupboards and changing the door handles on your kitchen cabinets can really change the feel and update a kitchen. If you don’t want to shell out for a new bathroom and kitchen, ensure they look clean, tidy and welcoming.



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