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Real Wood vs Laminate Flooring

Why is Real Wood Flooring so much better than Laminate?

Engineered Wood Flooring
Let’s face it – laminate flooring is cheap, easy to lay and readily available from most DIY and hardware stores. But is the, often small, financial saving really worth the many long term drawbacks of laminate flooring? In this article we look at the negatives of laminate flooring and explain why choosing a quality engineered or solid wood flooring is a much better investment for achieving the best long term benefits in your home. Continue reading “Real Wood vs Laminate Flooring” »


How to lay an engineered floor if I am not a Carpenter

A few points to look at before you start-

Firstly you need to consider how your flooring is going to be held down and what it will be laying onto. Is it going directly onto floor joists? If so, the floor joists should be no further apart than 400mm. It would be a good idea at this stage to think about taking up the opportunity of laying an insulation product such as Celotex between the joists. A simple timber baton can be nailed onto the sides of the joists and the Celotex laid on top with the top surface laying level with the top of the floor joist. The additional heat saving and comfort within your room will be noticeable if you use this very simple method. Continue reading “How to lay an engineered floor if I am not a Carpenter” »