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So your painting sucks?

Often we have little choice but to pick up the brushes ourselves because paying a decorator is out of the question. Continue reading “So your painting sucks?” »


Using White in Your Home

Of course its well known that using white will tend to make a space look bigger, but you might like to try several warmer, creamy shades to create a more sophisticated and one that is less clinical perhaps. You can accent with tile, brick or stone to create a softer more comfortable, perhaps “casual” feel. Continue reading “Using White in Your Home” »


Considering Paint Colours

I think I’ve written before that I’m blessed to have a holiday home in Naples Florida and I’m really please with the way it;s looking. It seems that other people say so too because I keep getting asked if I would help decorate other condos by our neighbours, which in truth I’m delighted to do, so you could ask why I’m writing. Continue reading “Considering Paint Colours” »


Obesessing over Low Tack Masking Tape with Paper Masker

Masking tape with paper maskerA long, long time ago, on a planet far, far away, my husband used to paint Alien space craft… Well ok, I’m getting a bit carried away here (you may have guessed).

In truth we’re talking about a lock up garage workshop under the railway arches in Digbeth Birmingham, where (he tells me) he used to paint cars! Well you can’t blame me for trying to glamorise that really can you? Continue reading “Obesessing over Low Tack Masking Tape with Paper Masker” »


How do you fill a hole in the ceiling?

Ok, so an odd choice for a blog post, but it happened to a friend of ours recently after he had a light fitting changed and when the electrician left there was a great pesky hole just next to the light, stood out like a rocket over Dublin (a phrase a pal of ours uses LOL) and would stand out just as much if repaired badly. Continue reading “How do you fill a hole in the ceiling?” »


The appeal of Caribbean Colonial Style

The appeal of Caribbean Colonial Style We are privileged to be able to travel a great deal and with my interest in all things “design” (well ok and travel) I was particularly taken by the wonderful rich dark woods and flowing linens of the Inn at English Harbour in Antigua. Continue reading “The appeal of Caribbean Colonial Style” »


How to Make Temporary Changes to Your Home

How to Make Temporary Changes to Your HomeWhether for practicality or fashion, all homes go through many incarnations over the years but not all changes need be permanent or expensive. Continue reading “How to Make Temporary Changes to Your Home” »


Colours in the Home

Stepping into the small entrance-way I was instantly embraced by yellow, my happy colour, a real tonic on a cold but bright winter’s day. After weeks of house hunting, as I stepped into this one I knew it was the one. I was shown the nearby kitchen first, a fair-sized room with Continue reading “Colours in the Home” »


How to Cut in Paint and Paint Clean Lines

How to Cut in Paint and Paint Clean LinesIf you want your room looking good, but don’t want to pay through the nose for it, some DIY painting could just do the trick. Many people are scared off by the prospect of “straight lines” and the mess one so often gets on the ceiling when painting the adjacent wall! Continue reading “How to Cut in Paint and Paint Clean Lines” »