Tips on Buying Bunk Beds

Her are some points to consider when choosing bunk beds Continue reading “Tips on Buying Bunk Beds” »


Clearing your home of negative energy with Feng Shui

I know this sounds far fetched and you may pooh-pooh the idea but keep an open mind. Continue reading “Clearing your home of negative energy with Feng Shui” »


So what exactly IS a diploma in Interior Design?

Well everywhere I read it says that a diploma is a wonderful introduction to the subject and of course and importantly the better known the college the greater esteem your diploma will hold when you get it. Furthermore, being able to put .Dpl from XYZ institute or college will help your search for a career or get your first Clients. Not that any of that tells you what a diploma is though or what it should provide! Continue reading “So what exactly IS a diploma in Interior Design?” »


For Nesting Or Investing?

For what it’s worth, perhaps a little abstract, but sitting comfortably in my lovely home in Portugal (which let me not omit I am blessed to own) it strikes me that the rather mesh-mash array of furniture and objet d’art I have, goes against my normal structured careful approach to interior design and I was pondering how it all came about, where have I gone wrong? Continue reading “For Nesting Or Investing?” »


New Design Show looking for Participants

Red House Tv Production Design ShowA brand new architectural series by Red House Television is looking for people wanting to undergo some form of renovation on their property who have between £100,000 and £500,000 to spend doing so.  They  have an exciting leading architect in place who will be taking on the project. Continue reading “New Design Show looking for Participants” »


Caring For Your Antique Furniture

If you own beautiful fine antique furniture, you need to be aware, if it is not cared for correctly then it can devalue, so here is a guide on the best tips to keep your antiques in tip top condition. Continue reading “Caring For Your Antique Furniture” »


What makes a beautiful home?

That’s easy. Fill your home with friends and family… Continue reading “What makes a beautiful home?” »


So a saucepan’s a saucepan?

Well no, true they all hold liquid, but that’s about as far as it goes I guess.

My partner and I love cooking and I write this blog after having gone to a lot of trouble to choose some lovely saucepans, which we thought would last us many years (they had a lifetime guarantee) Regrettably we were wrong and needed to get the lovely people at John Lewis to change them (which to be fair, they did after  using them for about 18 months without trouble). Continue reading “So a saucepan’s a saucepan?” »


What’s the Best Interior Design Course? Part 2

Following swiftly on the heels of my last article, you may recall I had promised to look at what you might expect to be taught once you had chosen a course and what I decided to do was to look initially at (what I’m referring to as) the entry level courses that require no previous qualifications or experience in the subject. Continue reading “What’s the Best Interior Design Course? Part 2” »


What’s the Best Interior Design Course? Part 1

So you’re thinking about interior design? Perhaps like me, you revel in the online blogs, pictures and ideas of design, but if you wanted to go about it in a more concerted way, how would you start? Continue reading “What’s the Best Interior Design Course? Part 1” »


Chic and affordable ways to remodel your living space

If your home is in need of a facelift, but you can’t afford a complete overhaul, here are some simple cost effective ways to remodel your living space without spending a fortune. Continue reading “Chic and affordable ways to remodel your living space” »


A little gem of a kitchen accessory

Little wine pourer disc

Little wine pourer disc

Currently obsessing over my  oh so simple kitchen goody. I have a real love of cooking and like to think I’m pretty good at it too, so I wanted to share an of item that has helped me with my hobby. Continue reading “A little gem of a kitchen accessory” »


How to decorate and furnish a guest room?

The guest room challenge –you want to your guests to be impressed by the décor and to feel comfortable in the room. The worst thing would be for guests to mutter under their breath that they’ll never come back. Of course there are some you may not want to come back! Continue reading “How to decorate and furnish a guest room?” »