Caring For Your Antique Furniture

If you own beautiful fine antique furniture, you need to be aware, if it is not cared for correctly then it can devalue, so here is a guide on the best tips to keep your antiques in tip top condition.

Firstly, remember keeping the original finish in a good order is key to keeping antiques to their full value. If at all possible, never strip off the original finish as this will take away the charm and character that collectors want to see in genuine antiques. The best way to preserve the original finish is to use a good quality natural Bees wax. Bees wax will not only nourish the wood but can also act as a cleaning agent that removes old muck and grime. You can get wax in various shades so if the piece has lost some colour due to sunlight, then you can often add some colour back into the wood, making it look more rich in shade.  Furniture wax is easy to use, take a clean cloth (usually an old towel will be perfect) and dip this into your wax. Rub into the piece vigorously, and always keep in the same direction as the grain if possible. It is also possible to apply the wax using 0000 very fine wire wool and this will help clean off the old dirt more quickly. Once it is applied, leave for around 30 minutes and then with a clean piece of cloth buff off the wax until a nice sheen appears. The more layers of wax you apply the better results you will achieve and the more protection the finish will have. If you apply layer upon layer of wax maybe once every couple of moths you will achieve a fabulous patina and this can actually add value to your furniture, so it is a well worth exercise.

Wood wax care for antiques

For small chips or scratches, there is a hard wax product in various colours to fill these and once waxed over, will look like part of the character.

Antiques repair Kit

If your furniture is too dirty and wax is not removing all the grime or achieving the high quality finish that you expect, then you can first use a polish reviver. This will remove dirt as a gentle abrasive, without damaging the original finish. It can also remove some ring marks from cups or plant pots. Not only does it clean but also revives the original finish to a high sheen. To finish, wax over the top and this can give some remarkable results.

Antique Polish reviver

Finally if you have light scratches in your wood surface, scratch remover is a super product. It can remove scratches, but also acts as a liquid wax. It is not as good as a finishing bees wax but can get rid of those horrible little marks that can make your antiques look scruffy. We always recommend using the bees wax as a final coat, as this is the best to protect your finish.

Antique Furniture Scratch Repair

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